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ALL PEST PEST Control & Wildlife Removal
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AllPest is a full service Pest & Wildlife Management Company. As a small business we have a very low overhead and
those savings are passed on to the customer. Nowhere else will you find a company as caring, prompt, or as
affordable. ALLPEST is the best value in the industry.

Competition talks their big guarantees. It’s a gotcha ad campaign. If they had failure as big as their 2 Million Dollar
guarantee, they would go out of business! So lets get real. The best guarantee is to “do it right the first time.”

Most pest companies require you to sign a contract - locking you in to long term commitment. At AllPest we put you in
charge. We believe in satisfied customers for life, so if you just want one treatment, that’s what we will do. We
guarantee our services, or its FREE..

Just a Straightforward Guarantee

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Lewisburg, OH, 45338


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8:00 am - 6:00 pm

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Ground Beetles

Bed Bugs








Dead Animals

Steve Oswalt owner opened AllPest Pest Control & Wildlife Solutions in 2004 while administering a Integrated
Pest Management (IPM) program to 3,300 residential local housing company for 15 years prior. During his 15 year
there he administered a monthly treatment program for general pest and rodent control, termite treatments and
nuisance wildlife conflict choosing the appropriate treatment and proper application techniques. He has worked
with many city government officials and designed custom specification for local public housing units with over
400,000 satisfied customers over the years. Steve does speaking engagements for property management
companies, Realtors and other civic organizations. Call and set up time..